Meet the Staff

DCS staffThe Digital Classroom Services staff is comprised of twelve full time staff members and approximately forty Support Specialists. Our main office is in Tillett Hall on Livingston Campus, which is home to the DCS Help Desk, Training Center, and administrative offices. We have support staff located in six annex offices spread across the New Brunswick campuses, closely situated to the spaces we support. DCS Engineers also work out of Bldg 44 on Livingston Campus, where our classroom podiums are built. DCS is aligned around to two areas of focus:

Technical Services and Operations

The Technical Services and Operation area of DCS focused on designing, building, installing and repairing technology. TS&O staff assist in the design of all classroom systems in order to ensure that equipment is tailored to the needs of Rutgers instructors. TS&O staff are also directly involved in the on-site preparation and installation of new systems. As a result, TS&O staff are well acquainted with our classroom technology, having worked with it from start to finish.

Faculty Training and Outreach

The Faculty Training and Outreach area of DCS is dedicated to engaging with faculty to ensure that they are informed of classroom technology offerings, familiar with how to use the equipment, and are receiving support while teaching. Each Rutgers-New Brunswick campus is overseen by an Instructional Technology Supervisor. In addition to overseeing the operation and maintenance of classroom technology on their campuses, the Instructional Technology Supervisors specialize in training faculty and ensuring that their in-class needs are met. They hold workshops, during which instructors receive training using the latest classroom equipment and learn about how they can maximize their teaching experience through technology. The Faculty and Outreach staff also provide in-class support whenever classes are in session. The Instructional Technology Supervisors are aided by over forty Support Specialists, comprised largely of Rutgers students.

Help Desk

The Help Desk Supervisors serve as a bridge between these two areas. The Help Desk is the central hub for instructors who need to request assistance, portable equipment, or access to equipment. In addition to overseeing the email and phone hotlines, the Help Desk Supervisors are also responsible for several functions central to DCS's operation, including inventory control and human resource management.