Building Identification Codes

CAC: College Avenue  •  BUS: Busch  •  LIV: Livingston  •  C/D: Cook/Douglass
DNB: Downtown New Brunswick

Abbr. Building Name Campus Number
AB Rutgers Academic Building CAC 3198
ARC Allison Road Classroom BUS 3878
ARH Art History Hall C/D 8428
BE Beck Hall LIV 4145
BH Bishop House CAC 3049
BIO Biological Sciences C/D 8304
BME Biomedical Engineering Building BUS 3893
BL Blake Hall C/D 6005
BT Bartlett Hall C/D 6024
BST BEST West Residence Hall BUS 3905
CA Campbell Hall CAC 3121
CCB Chemistry & Chemical Biology BUS 3594
CDL Cook Douglass Lecture Hall C/D 8840
CI School of Communication and Information CAC 3134
COR Computing Research & Education Building (CoRE) BUS 3883
DAV Davison Hall C/D 8322
ED Graduate School of Education CAC 3037
EN Engineering Building BUS 3558
FBO Fiber Optic Materials Research Building FBO 3869
FH Frelinghuysen Hall CAC 3117
FNH Institute for Food Nutrition & Health C/D 6432
FOR Foran Hall C/D 6347
FS Food Science Building C/D 6246
HC Honors College CAC 3197
HCK Hickman Hall C/D 8311
HH Hardenbergh Hall CAC 3119
HLL Hill Center BUS 3752
HSB Heldrich Science Building C/D 8302
LOR Loree Classroom Building C/D 8432
LSH Lucy Stone Hall LIV 4153
LSH-AUD Lucy Stone Hall Auditorium LIV 4153
KLG Kathleen W Ludwig Global Village Learning Center C/D 8444
MI Milledoler Hall CAC 3010
MU Murray Hall CAC 3011
PH Pharmacy Building (William Levin Hall) BUS 3863
PHY Physics BUS 3562
RAB Ruth Adams Building C/D 8303
RC Rutgers Cinema LIV 4178
RWH Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering BUS 3913
SC Scott Hall CAC 3038
SEC Science & Engineering Resource Center (T. Alexander Pond) BUS 3854
TH Thompson Hall C/D 6004
TIL Tillett Hall LIV 4146
VD Van Dyck Hall CAC 3016
VH Voorhees Hall CAC 3013
WAL Waller Hall C/D 6000
WL Wright Rieman Laboratories BUS 3556
ZAM Zimmerli Art Museum CAC 3013

The above buildings contain classrooms supported by DCS. Please consult the complete Rutgers list for all buildings.