About DCS Classrooms

Allison Road Classroom - Room 103.

Digital Classroom Services provides instructional technology for 275 classrooms, located in 52 buildings on the New Brunswick campuses. DCS supports the general purpose classrooms controlled by the Office of Scheduling and Space Management, including intimate seminar rooms, active learning spaces, lecture halls, and auditoriums that can accommodate hundreds of students. To learn more about the various learning environments supported by DCS, use the Find a Classroom page to select a room and view panoramas, maps, system photos, technical capabilities, and detailed classroom features. To find information on New Brunswick classrooms not supported by DCS, view our page for spaces supported by other units. Take a look at Scheduling & Space Management's Ecosystem for Learning for information on additional learning spaces such as maker spaces and study rooms.

AB 4400Equipment in DCS-serviced rooms support the gamut of various instructional media, from computers, document cameras, and high-definition projection to microphones, Blu-ray players, and 16mm film screenings. Our recent efforts have focused on emerging tools sush as video conferencing, wireless sharing, and collaboration. DCS equipment is integrated into classroom systems that allow instructors to easily control presentations from a central hub. To learn more about the different types of DCS systems, view the In-Class Technology page.