About DCS Classrooms

Allison Road Classroom - Room 103.

Digital Classroom Services designs, installs, and supports the instructional technology for 309 spaces, located in 43 buildings on the New Brunswick campuses. DCS manages the technology for the general-purpose classrooms controlled by the Office of Scheduling and Space Management, including seminar rooms, active learning spaces, lecture halls, and auditoriums that can accommodate hundreds of students. DCS also supports instructional technology in several non-general purpose learning spaces of the Office of the Chancellor. Visit the following sections for more information:

  • Find a Classroom: Search through our database and select a room to view panoramas, maps, system photos, technical capabilities, and detailed classroom features.
  • In-Class Technology: Get detailed information, watch videos, and read instructions relating to the different presentation systems DCS deploys in its spaces.
  • Active Learning Spaces: View our learning environments designed for group work, problem-solving, and other forms of collaborative learning.
  • Synchronous Learning Spaces:  Learn more about these new spaces which enable instructors, students, and guests to connect from different locations.
  • DCS Training Center:  Take a look at DCS's Training Center and reserve it for your next tech-heavy event.
  • Other Learning Spaces: See our inventory of non-general purpose instructional spaces that are part of the Office of the Chancellor.
  • Non-DCS Classrooms: This list of classrooms supported by other Rutgers units includes contact information for tech support.
  • Building Identification Codes: Look up the abbreviation or code for your classroom's building.