Support Specialists

Supporting nearly two hundred and fifty classrooms across four campuses from morning to night takes a lot of help. To help keep classes running smoothly, DCS employs over forty student workers as Support Specialists. Our student staff fill a variety of responsibilities that are central to our operation.

Students work closely with our Campus and Help Desk Supervisors to provide in-class support for classes throughout the day, helping instructors use classroom technology and delivering portable equipment. Support Specialists are at the center of our quality control, performing regular tests of in-class equipment, while also ensuring equipment is unlocked, prepped, and ready for use during the day.

While being DCS's eyes and ears on each of the four New Brunswick campuses, Support Specialists also fill critical roles in our central hub, the DCS Help Desk. These Support Specialists field calls from instructors who need assistance and help dispatch staff across each campus.

Support SpecialistIn addition to helping Rutgers faculty use classroom technology, students are also busy behind the scenes working closely with our Technical Services & Operations staff building and repairing classroom podiums. These students are engaged every step of the way, unloading empty podiums as they arrive from the warehouse, populating them with equipment in our DCS Lab, and assisting with their installation in classrooms.

Support Specialists gain experience in a variety of emerging fields; including computing, presentation technology, and online education. Work with DCS helps develop crucial skills relating to customer service, user support, and working in a professional office setting. If you are a student interested in being a Support Specialist, visit the Join Our Team page.