About Us

Digital Classroom Services creates and supports instructional technology in the Rutgers-New Brunswick general purpose classrooms and learning spaces of the Office of the Chancellor. We provide presentation technology that support a wide range of pedagogic approaches. Our technology is designed to engage students through several methods, including computer-based presentation, high-definition film screening, and projection of camera-captured demonstrations. DCS technology is also designed to help instructors overcome the challenges of teaching large classes through technologies such as voice amplification and multiple screen projection. Whatever the teaching style, DCS strives to implement technology that makes the classroom experience exhilarating and personal.

Digital Classroom Services is committed to providing cutting edge teaching technologies in a format that is easy to use. To achieve this end, DCS technology is designed in-house and tailor made for Rutgers classrooms. DCS Systems enable instructors to control all media in one place through an interface that is designed to be user friendly. Our classroom systems are created with faculty in mind, based on feedback from members of the Rutgers community who regularly use our equipment.

ufm-content.jpgWe also appreciate that the success of any classroom technology is dependent on the ability of faculty to receive training and support. As a result, DCS has support staff available throughout the day by phone, email, and in-person to assist instructors in their use of classroom technology. DCS also has a team of instructional technologists dedicated to training faculty to not only use DCS equipment, but to maximize their learning experience by utilizing all of the teaching methods available through classroom technology. We closely engage with faculty to not only aid their teaching but to learn more about how we can best design learning environments to match that teaching.