Faculty Resources

Digital Classroom Services is committed to providing instructor support at every level of the teaching experience. For the instructor who is preparing for the semester or interested in learning about alternative teaching methods, visit the Workshops page. Our Faculty Training and Outreach staff holds regular workshops where faculty can get familiar with how to use DCS equipment and explore the range of teaching methods available by using our equipment. If you use or are interested in using active learning techniques in your class, visit our Active Learning Community page. It contains info on a community of practice centered around active learning at Rutgers.

If you are looking for resources to help you use DCS technology, visit the Videos, Tutorials, and Instructions page. Not sure about some of the tech jargon used on this site? Click through the Digital Dictionary. Or if you are looking for exciting ways to integrate technology in to your class, browse the articles in the Classroom Technology Blog.

Have a question but are not sure where to begin? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If we can not help you, there are several other units at Rutgers ready to assist. Visit the Other Rutgers Resources page for a summary of some of the other services offered on campus relating to technology, classrooms, and instruction.