Get Involved

Course quality workshopThe Active Learning Community's goal is to connect Rutgers faculty with resources that can aid their use of collaborative learning practices. One of the most valuable resources available to faculty is each other, your colleagues who are interested in active learning, use it ever day in class, and have encountered common challenges and developed solutions. To fully benefit from the Active Learning Community, consider getting involved. Whether's it's attending a workshop, mentoring a colleague, or presenting at the Symposium, three are several ways to participate:

  • Attend an ALC Event: The Community hosts monthly workshops, Active Learning 101 sessions, and an annual Symposium (previously known as the "Boot Camp") dedicated to all things active learning. Visit the ALC Events page for the current calendar and to register.
  • Become an Active Learning Mentor: At the Active Learning 101 session, faculty who are new to active learning and collaborative spaces are formed into small groups of new faculty, experienced faculty, Instructional Designers, and Instructional Technologists. Having the opportunity to talk with experienced faculty about their use of active learning and bounce potential ideas off them is often a huge benefit to instructors tackling collaborative learning for the first time. If you have taught active learning before, let us know if you are willing to serve as a mentor at the Active Learning 101 sessions.
  • Class Observations:  Would you like to see active learning in action? Contact us if you would like to learn about opportunities to sit in on a class that uses active learning. Are you a faculty member using collaborative learning and are open to allowing your colleagues to observe your class? Let us know and we will connect you with interested faculty.
  • Request an Active Learning Classroom: Of course, the ultimate way to engage with active learning is to use it in your course. Rutgers-New Brunswick has three general-purpose classrooms that are designed with team-based learning in mind. Group tables, collaborative technology, and a circular layout help foster active learning. If you would like to use these spaces, fill out a Course Information Form.
  • Sign Up for Updates: We send out email blasts a few times a year with information about new ALC events, classroom upgrades, and other opportunities to engage with the Community. To receive updates, and become a Community member, fill out a Sign Up Form.
  • Submit a Symposium Proposal: At the Active Learning Symposium held in May, we invite the Rutgers community to come learn about exciting developments in collaborative learning. In addition to a keynote presentation from a visiting scholar, Symposium sessions focus on active learning at Rutgers. We invite faculty and staff to submit presentation proposals to be a part of the Symposiums. Sessions can be presentations of papers related to various topics active learning, case studies on the use of active learning in a course, an introduction to novel techniques, and more. The Symposium Proposal Form will be online by the end of 2017. 
  • Suggest a Workshop Idea: Monthly Community workshops are casual opportunities to dialogue about active learning with fellow Rutgers faculty and staff. These get togethers have included group discussions on specific topics in active learning, critiques of articles and scholarly works, and opportunities for attendees to share their successes, failures, and issues when using active learning. If you would like to suggest a future topic or offer to participate in designing or presenting at a workshop, let us know.