Immersion Lectern

Immersion LecternThe Immersion Lectern is found in the Immersive Synchronous Lecture Halls. These lecterns can be used for synchronous teaching to a classroom on a different campus (immersion mode) or non-synchronous teaching (local mode). The lectern includes the technology faculty can use to present course materials as well as the touchscreen interface that is used to operate the equipment. The Immersion Lectern includes a lectern and a sidecar. The lectern is a slim, moveable station which can be positioned in the center of the room or moved next to the sidecar. It is height-adjustable and instructors can teach from behind it or move it to the side. The side car contains additional equipment and can also be moved around the front of the room.

For more detailed information about the technology available in the Immersion Lectern, view the sections below. Visit the Synchronous Lecture Hall page for further reading about the Rutgers-New Brunswick classrooms virtually connected through these lecterns.


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