In-Class Technology

DCS provides a variety of classroom technologies designed to enhance the learning experience. Our equipment facilitates the use of popular presentation methods such as computer-based projection and digital video. DCS aids lecture hall teaching through the use of microphones, listening assistance, and multiple screen presentation. We are also engaged with the latest trends in pedagogy, such as wireless display sharing, networked computer-driven systems, video conferencing, lecture capture, and document cameras. Finally, we support traditional analog equipment, including 16mm film projectors and 35mm slide projectors. Over ninety percent of DCS-supported classrooms are equipped with permanent equipment housed in units that we refer to as "systems." These systems are presentation hubs from which instructors can project and play audio from a variety of different sources. In these classrooms you will find one of six different types of systems. While the capability of each type of system can vary depending on the size and orientation of the room, each system has a uniform user interface. Choose a system below to learn more about the features each has to offer:

RC 1DCS has also designed five classroom systems with video-centered courses in mind. Tillett Hall Room 264 offers state-of-the-art digital screening capability. This rooms utilizes a theater quality high-definition projectors and surround sound that can be used to play content from computer sources or a Blu-ray player. On College Ave., Murray Hall Room 301 and Milledoler 100 are configured for film classes using a variety of different media. Both rooms are equipped with 16mm film projectors, Blu-ray players, DVD players, VCRs, and - in Milledoler -  a laser disc player. Both rooms are connected to high-definition projectors and surround sound speaker systems. Rutgers Academic Building 1180 is designed for digital screening with theater quality audio and video. Finally, Ruth Adams Building Room 001, on Cook-Douglass, is also equipped with a high-definition projector,16mm projectors, Blu-ray/DVD capability, and a surround sound.

To see what technology is available in your classroom or to find a room that meets your tech needs, visit the Find a Classroom page. In addition to our in-class technology, we also have portable equipment that may be used in our classrooms. View our Equipment Request Form for more information about available equipment.