November 12
Do you ever wish your students were more engaged in your class, formulating deeper questions, and owning more of their own learning? Join us and learn about the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) developed by The Right Question Institute.  ALC member Tatiana Rodriguez will guide us through QFT, a technique that enables students to develop high level curiosity, critical thinking and make creative contributions. It will spark up your classrooms…

November 20
Teaching students to write effectively has been a major concern of STEM educators for many years. It has been observed that even after completing undergraduate composition courses, students have difficulty translating their writing skills to STEM courses The need for genre specific writing experiences in STEM classrooms is clear. However, many writing intensive courses in STEM rely on passive absorption of writing norms from readings in the…

November 22
Conscious Conceptual Manipulation (CCM) is a model of active learning where learners interact with concepts in a significant, coherent, and systematic manner, and where the materialization, manipulation, and transformation of their conceptual understandings are essential to effectively promote learning and development. This session, which was first presented at the…

January 15
AL 101 logo
In this half-day session, Instructional Designers will discuss the pedagogic underpinnings of collaboration-based learning that should inform course design, class management, and more. Instructional technologists will introduce you to the classrooms and technology that can enhance your teaching. Sign up on the registration page.

May 20
RALS logo
The Rutgers Active Learning Symposium is an annual day of workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and more. Faculty, staff, and experts in active learning from Rutgers and beyond lead sessions that explore the use of active learning in higher education from unique and fruitful perspectives. The centerpiece of the day will be a keynote presentation from…