Forming Groups

Word cloudYou may have an in-class activity all ready to go, but have you considered how you will divide your class into groups so they can perform these activities? While group work involves many considerations, including defining roles and expectations, performing evaluations, and possibly switching groups over the course of the semester - you must also determine how you will initially group your students. The course content, student makeup, physical learning space, and much more will all effect what approach makes sense for your class. To help you craft your approach to forming groups, we offer a summary of common concepts and approaches in higher education.

Group Goals

Before creating groups, it is important to understand what you hope to accomplish through group work. Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity offers five goals for good groups.

Types of Groupings

There are different approaches to grouping students. The following is an overview of the different methods.

Methods of Creating Groups

The following methods can be used to form the different types of groups listed above.

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