DCS Pilots


DCS Pilots LogoLooking for a new teaching tool for your class? Eager to try out the latest technology, but not sure where to begin? Every year, DCS sifts through the vast amount of new educational tech to identify the most promising for use in Rutgers classrooms. At our annual Showcase, we invite members of the Rutgers community to see these tools in action and try them out for themselves. Then, over the following academic year, we work with faculty interested in trying these tools in their class as part of pilot programs. Successful pilots will be incorporated into DCS's regular offerings, while technology that faculty do not find useful will go to the scrap heap as we begin researching the latest emerging tools for next year's showcase.

Current Pilots

We are not currently offering any pilot programs. However, you can learn more about past pilots below. Many of them have "graduated" to regular services offered by DCS.

Past Pilots

Have an idea for a future pilot? Let us know! We are eager to identify technology that improves the classroom experience for Rutgers students.