Solstice Wireless Display Sharing

Solstice logoSolstice is a system for sending images from laptops, phones, or tablets to in-class displays - such as projectors or monitors - wirelessly. With Solstice, instructors or students can present material from their devices from anywhere in the classroom without needing to deal with any cables or adapters. Additionally, Solstice is capable of multi-synchronous sharing, meaning that multiple users can send multiple images to the displays simultaneously. As a result, Solstice offers a wireless way to both present and engage in collaborative work. As DCS is currently piloting Solstice to determine its viability in Rutgers classrooms, please contact us with any questions or for further help using it in your class.

Typical Classroom Uses


View a print version of the instructions for an overview of the below information that can be brought to class.

Classroom Equipped with Solstice