Digital Classroom Podium

Digital Classroom PodiumThe Digital Classroom Podium, or "DCP," is our standard classroom system. Originally introduced in a Fall 2012 pilot program, DCS continues to work towards upgrading all older classroom systems with versions of the Digital Classroom Podium, which now include the Digital Classroom Flip-Top, Digital Classroom Flip-Top, Collaborative Instructor Hub, and Immersion Lectern. This family of systems will help us meet our twin goals of having state-of-the-art, digital presentation technology in all of DCS's classrooms while also providing a consistent user experience to all faculty so that they do not need to relearn how to use equipment every time they teach in different DCS rooms.

Digital Classroom Podium large-room version The Digital Classroom Podium enables instructors to present using a built-in Mac computer, a Blu-ray player, a document camera, or by connecting a personal portable devices via a HDMI or VGA cable. Certain classrooms also include additional features such as Solstice wireless display sharing. DCPs are "all digital" and connected to high-definition, widescreen projectors. The DCP utilizes a unique design scheme. The Mac Mini is equipped with the Rutgers Room Control, an application which allows the user to control all in-room devices from the podium's computer. Large rooms are equipped with the Digital Classroom Podium A1, a wider version of the podium that includes a preview monitor, voice amplification, and the ability to present on multiple in-room displays.

A still from a video of a DCS engineer building a podium The Digital Classroom Podium, like other Digital Classroom Systems, are designed and constructed in-house by our Technical Services & Operations team. The Rutgers Room Control program is also designed and improved by an in-house programmer. As a result, our staff is continuously able to modify the podium based on the experience of the faculty using them. Since first introducing the DCPs we have  worked closely with faculty through direct interaction, surveys, and feedback sessions to refine new designs to best meet the needs of Rutgers instructors. To watch a podium being built from workroom to classroom, click on the video to the left. For more information, view the sections below.



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