Milledoler Hall - Room 100

System Icon Room Type: Lecture Hall   Chair Icon Seating Capacity: 170
System Icon System: Crestron Touchscreen System   Wireless Icon Internet: RUWireless, RUWired (port in system)
Screen Icon Screen Type: 2 Electric Screens   Screen Icon Screen Operation: Electric Screen Control (Side Wall), System Screen Control
Chair Icon Student Chair Type: Fixed   Pencil Icon Student Writing Surface: Tablet Arm Chair - Moveable
Chalkboard Icon Board Type: Chalkboard   Chalkboard Icon Number of Boards: 2
Lightbulb Icon Blackboard Lights: Yes   Lightbulb Icon Lighting Control Location: Behind Front Wall, Front Wall, Side Wall
Power Icon Instructor Power Outlet Location: Front Wall, Side Wall   Outlet Icon Outlets for Students: No
Handicap Accessibility Icon Handicap Accessibility: Yes   Listening Assist Icon Hearing Assistance System: No
Elevator Icon Elevator Access to Classroom Floor: Yes (or Ground Floor)   Entrace Icon Entrance Location: Teaching Area
Floor Type Icon Floor Type: Tiered & Mixed Flooring   Surround Sound Icon Surround Sound: Yes
Lightbulb Icon Lighting Motion Sensor: No   Additional Icon Additional Items: HDMI Input, RCA Video Inputs

Crestron Touchscreen SystemTiny Question Mark Icon

mi-100 system photo - thumbnail image mi-100 system photo - thumbnail image

Equipment Type Manufacturer Model Subtype
16mm Projector Elmo cx350 Arc-Lamp
16mm Projector Elmo cx350 Arc-Lamp
Blu-Ray Player Pioneer BDP-330 Region 0
DVD Player Toshiba sd-v296 VCR-DVD Combo
Laser Disk Player Pioneer CLD-V5000
Microphone Audix CD-11 Handheld
Microphone Shure SLX-J3 Wireless
Overhead Projector 3M 1880
Data Projector Epson Powerlite G6750WU Fixed
Document Camera Dukane DVP505A

Campus: College Avenue

Address: 520 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1167

Seating Charts: PDF