Projecting from a Phone or Tablet

iPad connected to DCS System.While many instructors run classroom presentations through a laptop, many may have a teaching tool in their pocket and not even know it. Smart phones and tablets are increasingly being used in the classroom as a way to conveniently project and run presentations. With the advent of sophisticated mobile apps, many of the advanced features previously only available on computers can now be utilized on mobile devices. In order to present from your mobile device, you will first need to obtain the proper adapter so that you can connect to classroom projectors. As most devices utilize a custom adapter, there is no standard adapter that DCS can provide. For more  information on how to project images from specific device, please see the subsections below. For some suggested apps, view DCS's top apps for instructors.

For quick reference in your classroom, view our printable pamphlet.

Apple Devices


Android and Windows 8

There is a great deal of variety among Android tablets and smartphones. Unlike iPads for example, there is no single manufacturer for Android products. As a result, the capability and connection required to project may vary between products. The two important features to look for in a device is whether it has a HDMI port and whether it has an MHL compatible port.

HDMI-capable devices may have a regular HDMI port, a mini HDMI port, or a micro HDMI port. HDMI connections are standard in classroom with the Digital Classroom Podium and are available in some Crestron and Pixie rooms. Devices with regular HDMI ports can be connected using the HDMI cable provided in the classroom. Devices with micro or mini HDMI ports will require the purchase of a HDMI adapter. If you are teaching in a data projector room that does not have an HDMI connection, you will need a VGA adapter. To see what type of system your classroom has, search for your classroom and click on the "Classroom Features" tab.

Many newer Android smartphone and the slimmer Android tablets use a micro-USB port. These devices can be connected to DCS data projectors using a VGA adapter. However, this will only work for devices that are MHL compatible. It is important to confirm that your device is MHL compatible before planning on projecting from these devices.

Windows 8 users should be aware that Windows 8 phones are not yet capable of sending video to a projector.