Digital Classroom Flip-Top

Digital Classroom Flip-TopThe Digital Classroom Flip-Top, also known as "DCF" or "Flip," is designed for use in small learning spaces, such as seminar rooms. It is a "spin off" of the Digital Classroom Podium, our standard classroom system. Recognizing that smaller rooms require a slim downed system that does not take up as much space as a podium, we designed the Flip to take the same user experience found in the Digital Classroom Podium and house it in a table top design. Instead of standing behind a podium, instructors can present from the instructor table. To access the controls, they simply flip up the touchscreen monitor. Like our podium, faculty can use a built-in Mac computer or connect personal devices via HDMI or VGA cables. The images will display on a wall-mounted monitor behind and above the instructor table.

Digital Classroom Flip-TopBecause smaller learning spaces are often use for group discussions and collaborative learning, we added wireless display technology to the Flip so that faculty and students can share images from their laptops, phones, or tablets. With this new wireless technology, anyone in the classroom can send images to the monitor, at the same time, without the need for cables. This can be used by instructors and student to more easily give presentations from anywhere in the room. It may also be used as a collaboration tool. Student work can be monitored, compared side by side, and quickly switched between to follow class discussion.

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