James Kizhnerman

James Kizhnerman, Instructional Technology Supervisor

Job Title

Instructional Technology Supervisor

James is responsible for DCS’s College Avenue classrooms. He has been an educator, technology specialist, and educational technologist since graduating from Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Secondary Education. James began his educational career teaching computer technology courses to high school students. In May 2010, James completed an advanced degree program at Ramapo College with a Master’s of Science in Educational Technology. His extensive curricular background in educational technology has enabled him to help teachers find appropriate, effective tools for integrating technology and multimedia devices to meet the diverse needs of their students. James brings a high level of technological and collaboration skills to Rutgers, helping faculty apply instructional technologies in the classroom and providing administrative support of existing technology systems in the classrooms. His passion for technology and pedagogy is evident in his workshops and Classroom Technology blog entries that focus on emerging trends in higher education.