Classroom Technology Blog

RWH 206
Over the summer, Digital Classroom Services installed new technology in 38 learning spaces. Among these upgrades were brand-new learning spaces in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Building and Richard Weeks Hall on Busch, including four active learning spaces.  Twelve small classrooms were equipped with Digital Classroom Lecterns, our newest Rutgers system that was designed with small class meetings in mind.  Other spaces, from auditoriums to seminar rooms, received various versions of the... Continued
Rutgers Cinema 2
Did you know that Digital Classroom Services supports classrooms designed specifically for video screening?  Whether a history classes needs to watch vintage film footage or an astronomy section wants to views a high definition documentary, DCS can accommodate them in one of eight video-enhanced learning spaces. These special rooms can accommodate various types of screening: whether instructors plan to show reel-to-reel film or surround sound-enhanced movies. Each of these spaces offers various features that can help the classroom become a theater, from large screens and comfortable seating to sound reinforcement and special media players. All of our rooms our separated from other... Continued
Richard Weeks Hall 102
As the way that students learn evolves, so must the modern classroom. This semester, Rutgers-New Brunswick has made giant strides toward this goal with the introduction of four brand-new, state-of-the-art Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs).  The ALCs are designed to facilitate interaction, collaboration, and other approaches to learning through which students can work with ideas and one another. Among these new rooms are two Interactive Lecture Halls and two Active Learning Classrooms. Our newest Interactive Lecture Halls-Richard Weeks Hall 102 and Chemistry and Chemical Biology 1309-are designed to accommodate large classes in which lecturing is broken up opportunities for conversation and... Continued
Tillett 224
Tillett 224 is DCS's newest Synchronous Learning Space.  Our Synchronous Classrooms can be used to teach a class of students from a second location, enable students to participate remotely, or invite guest lecturers from around the world to speak with a class. Tillett 224's video conference equipment is designed to limit the feeling of distance between participants. Screens at the front of the room enable classes to view the presenter and their shared class materials side-by-side, using sightlines that have in-class and remote participants look at each other. Classroom cameras are capable of identifying speaking audience members and zooming in on them as they participate to... Continued
Art History 200
Art History Hall Room 200, on Cook/Douglass campus, is the latest Digital Classroom Services room to be upgraded. After receiving a Digital Classroom Podium, this space is one of 240 rooms that have received a new version of the Podium since the project's launch in 2012.  As a result, 86% of the general purpose classrooms we support have a Digital Classroom System, which also includes Digital Classroom Flip-Tops, Immersion Lecterns, and... Continued