New Way to Find Classroom Recording Information

Many DCS classrooms can be used to make recordings of class meetings. These rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones that record the instructor, and in some rooms, the students. The first step to recording, is learning what capability your classroom has. To help you quickly do that, we've added a new Classroom Feature to each classroom page. Use the Find a Classroom page to look up your room and view its information. Each page now includes a field for recording capability that indicates if a room has a camera that can record video, a microphone that can record audio, and a computer that can screen capture. If you are looking for rooms that have certain recording capability, you can also use the Find a Classroom page to search based on their equipment. For more information and instructions on recording in DCS spaces, visit the Recording section of the Videos, Tutorials, and Instructions page or fill out a Recording support form for assistance.