2018 Rutgers Active Learning Symposium

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This day-long event, the successor to the annual Active Learning Boot Camp, was a day of discussions, presentations, poster sessions, and workshops relating to various topics in active learning. Practitioners of active learning at Rutgers and other institutions explored different approaches to collaborative learning, shared insights from their experiences, and explored different teaching techniques. 

The centerpiece of the day was two keynote presentations from Dr. Kimberly Tanner of San Francisco State University. Dr. Tanner, a neurobiologist by training, founded the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory, which explores how students learn science and various ways to have that learning reflect how scientists work.  Through her work, she was written extensively on the use of active learning from the perspective of faculty and neuroscience.

Dave WyrtzenThe day's 25 and 50-minute sessions offered guests the opportunity to select the different areas they wanted to explore; whether it was gamification, medical demonstration, course construction, or any of the many featured topics. Rutgers guests also had an opportunity to strategize with instructional designers about how they can incorporate some of the ideas they heard into their teaching. For more information on the day's proceedings, explore the section below.  


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Staying Involved

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