Preview the New Active Learning Room

Slated for completion in the spring of 2016, Tillett 204 will be the first general-purpose active learning classroom at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, providing a learning environment designed to facilitate the elements of a "flipped classroom." Large, round tables will enable group work and peer interaction. Wall-to-wall whiteboards will provide student work space. High-definition monitors will facilitate computer-based work and peer review. View the fly-through for a closer look at this exciting new space.

Rutgers is working with Clarke Caton Hintz—the architectural firm that designed the hugely successful Tillett Classroom Building renovation project and, more recently, the new Livingston Learning Center—to create a space that is consistent with past improvements to the building. Tillett 204—whose design is influenced by the TEAL and SCALE-UP models—will hold fifty-four students and serve as a pilot room for ninety seat spaces in the new Rutgers Academic Building, which is set to open on College Avenue in Fall 2016. This state-of-the-art classroom will provide the first of what will be a host of active learning spaces, which will offer different configurations for different types of courses. Like Tillett 204, these classrooms are being designed in collaboration with Rutgers faculty, who are providing invaluable input and guidance, ensuring that classroom pedagogy is informing classroom design. 

Inspired by ideas shared during the first meeting of the Active Learning Community, DCS has been working with faculty on additional active learning classrooms, which will feature flexible, moveable furniture. DCS will continue to work with faculty interested in active learning to design and introduce spaces across the New Brunswick campuses that are ideal for Rutgers courses.

Complete a Course Information Form if you are interested in having a class scheduled in a new active learning room. If you would like to receive updates on active learning initiatives—including opportunities to shape classroom design, receive training on active learning, learn about available support, and more—sign up to become a member of the Active Learning Community.