February 2015

DCS Newsletter BannerA new semester brings more improvements to Rutgers classrooms, new online resources for our podium users, and upcoming spring events. Read on for more information:

5 Classrooms Upgraded Over the Winter Break

Science and Engineering Resource Center 111.During the break, DCS installed brand new podiums in five classrooms. Lucy Stone Hall Rooms B267 and B269 are now equipped with Digital Classroom Podiums (DCPs). Science & Engineering Research Center Rooms 111, 117, and 118 received the auditorium-version of the podium. With DCPs in 125 of our 251 classrooms, we are nearly half way to our goal of standardizing all DCS equipment to one, state-of-the-art design. Take a closer look at these and all our classrooms by clicking on the room links above or by using the Find a Classroom page.

Expanding the Reach of the Classroom Through Video Conference

A student stands in front of a screen as they ask a question.This academic year, DCS has been working closely with faculty to pilot the use of video conferencing in classrooms. In the fall semester, we helped students taking "Global Health Perspectives" connect with experts at the United Nations who gave talks from the headquarters in New York and answered questions from students in Tillett Hall Room 257. This semester, DCS is enabling an instructor to teach Math 623 remotely by linking with his students in Tillett Hall Room 232 via video camera, sharing his slide presentation, and writing out problems using a tablet in his office. In Voorhees 105, Professor Stephen Stich will be utilizing video conferencing to bring in remote guest lecturers from as far as Australia. We are looking for more faculty interested in piloting video conferencing in DCS rooms. If you would like to video conference, contact us or consider attending one of our Video Chat in the Classroom workshops.

New How-To Videos Now Online

New videos show the latest version of the podium and cover advanced features.We have updated our videos detailing how to use the Digital Classroom Podium. The videos now include the latest version of the podium and highlight more advanced features that allow you to use two projectors at once, freeze projected images, temporarily black out screens, and more. These videos are just a few minutes long and offer a great way to quickly learn how to use your classroom's equipment. To view these and much more, visit our Videos, Tutorials, and Instructions page.

Celebrating Our Student Works

Four student employeesAt the end of every semester, DCS honors the hard work of all our Support Specialists at a special luncheon. We also recognize ten employees who have gone above and beyond in supporting our classrooms. Throughout the fall, our staff participate in the Tech Points Award Program, earning points based on their performance. At our luncheon, we pay special tribute to the top finishers from each team. Please join us in congratulating our fall winners and thanking them for their contributions to improving the Rutgers classroom experience: Paul Pacheco (1st Place Busch), Douglas Judice (2nd Place Busch), Evan Finkelstein (1st Place College Ave), Daniel Michelin (2nd Place College Ave), Jacob Goldfarb (1st Place Cook/Douglass), Alex Smith (2nd Place Cook/Douglass), Dylan Zimmerman (1st Place Help Desk), Brenda Li (2nd Place Help Desk), Lynne Richman (1st Place Livingston), and Jonathan Flavien (2nd Place Livingston).

Upcoming Events

We have several upcoming events relating to classroom technology at Rutgers. Full details and registration can be accessed by selecting a date below. Did you know that DCS's training team is available to hold private workshops and training for you and your colleagues on any of our present or past workshop topics? If you are interested in arranging a session, contact us.

DCS Showcase

Wednesday May 6

Save the date! At our 2nd annual Showcase, we will share some of the exciting things Rutgers faculty have been doing in DCS classrooms, demonstrate the latest classroom tech toys that we have been playing with, and allow you try out technology-enhanced teaching methods that are ready for you to use in the classroom. This year's event will include a showcase session followed by breakout sessions where you can interact with the technology we discuss. We will provide a light breakfast. Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda.


Getting Started with Keynote - Friday Feb 27 at 1pm

Taking the Pulse of Your Class: Clickers - Friday March 27 at 1pm

Taking the Pulse of Your Class: Online Polling - Friday April 10 at 1pm

Video Chat in the Classroom - Friday April 24 at 1pm

Intro to Macs - Friday May 22 at 11am & Friday May 29 at 2:30pm

These workshops are designed to provide attendees with an introduction to emerging and popular tools in classroom technology. These sessions will provide you with an overview of the topic, so that you can determine if the teaching tool is right for you, and an introduction to using it, so you leave with an understanding of what is required to get started. Each session is approximately forty-five minutes long with fifteen minutes afterwards allotted to Q&A and hands-on time. Workshops are held in the DCS Training Center in Tillett 118.

DCS Technology Training

Friday May 22 at 9:30am & Friday May 29 at 1pm

At these sessions, DCS staff will train you on how to use the technology in your classroom. After a brief overview in Tillett 118, we will take you to a nearby classroom that has the type of system you will be using in your classroom where we give you step-by-step instruction and let you become familiar with the equipment while testing any class material you bring. Training sessions are a great way to get ready for the upcoming semester.

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