A Theater of Learning

Livingston Residence Building - Room 110DCS is supporting three new classrooms for the Spring 2013 semester. As of January, classes are being held in the theaters of the new Livingston Residence Building. These rooms double as classrooms by day and movie theaters showing first-run films by night. These state-of-the art lecture halls include the latest in DCS's classroom presentation technology, including high-definition projection and theater-quality audio. The result is a comfortable, modern teaching space that is especially well-suited for film screenings and presentations.

The Livingston Residence Building lecture halls/theaters are located in 110110A, and 111A. The rooms were envisioned with a focus on combining the best in classroom and movie theater design. Students will find comfortable, high-backed chairs, complete with pop-up tablet surfaces for laptops and note taking. Faculty teaching in the LRB rooms will be able to use the new Digital Classroom Podium to run presentations. The DCP enables instructors to use a built-in computer, play high-definition Blu-rays or DVDs, display text and objects on a document camera, or project from laptops and other mobile devices. The podiums also include microphones for voice amplification. Because the rooms double as theaters, faculty can also take advantage of movie theater level video and audio capability. Each Digital Classroom Podium is connected to a commercial theater-grade projector. The Christie CP2210 data projector outputs a bright (12,000 lumen), high resolution (2048 x 1080 2k) image that will provide a large, clear image for faculty presentations. The theater spaces also include a high quality surround sound system. This will provide precise audio for faculty using microphones or playing audio from laptops, mobile devices, and discs. The set up will be especially beneficial for classes conducting film screenings.

For more detailed information about each classroom's physical space and technology offerings, please visit the Find a Classroom page. For more information about the Digital Classroom Podium, visit the Digital Classroom Podium page. If you are interesting in taking in a movie in the new theaters, visit the Rutgers Cinema page.