Using Synchronous Learning Spaces for Converged Classes


Event Location

Richard Weeks Hall - Room 102
Steven Brechin teaches a converged class in NJ Institute of Food Nutrition & Health room 205.

Converged learning occurs when some students attend class in-person while other attend online at the same time. Rutgers-New Brunswick's Synchronous Learning Spaces are uniquely designed to facilitate converged classes by using technology to connect the instructor, their class content, and students - regardless of how they attend. In this one hour session, Digital Classroom Services' staff will demonstrate how these classrooms are used for converged classes, discuss teaching considerations related to classroom management, and invite faculty to try out the equipment for themselves. While these sessions are tailored towards instructors preparing to teach converged classes, anyone who is interested learning more about this mode of class delivery is invited to join. The session will itself be converged and guests are invited to join in-person or online. Visit the registration page to sign up.