How to Integrate Active Learning Strategies Into Large Classes


Event Location

Online & Tillett Hall Room 118

The importance of active learning in higher education is well-established; research clearly shows that pedagogical strategies encouraging students to reflect, analyze, process and discuss course concepts lead to increased motivation, learning, critical thinking and engagement. Despite the plethora of benefits, transitioning teaching to embrace active learning can be challenging; a challenge that is intensified in large enrollment courses. This webinar, offered by Innovative Educators, overviews a range of approaches that can be integrated into large enrollment courses to engage students as active collaborators in the teaching-learning dynamic. The session will examine strategies for creating interactive lectures, utilizing in-class active learning strategies, engaging students via dynamic out-of-class assignments and the role of classroom assessment techniques for fostering active learning. Throughout our exploration, the emphasis will be on effective and efficient instructional strategies that allow you to embrace active learning in large enrollment courses.

You can attend this seminar in one of two ways.  You may come to Tillett Hall 118 or you can watch from your own computer. Simply sign up on the registration page and you can indicate your preference.  If you opt to attend online, you will be emailed instructions for connecting before the webinar begins.