Active Learning 101

This half-day session introduces the fundamentals of active learning to instructors and serves as an entry point for those looking to integrate it into their teaching. Instructional experts discuss the pedagogic underpinnings of collaboration-based learning that should inform course design, class management, and more. Instructional technologists will introduce you to the classrooms and technology that can enhance your teaching. Finally, conversations with colleague and staff who are both new to and versed in active learning will help you build valuable relationships and learn from the experience of other faculty.


  • Introduction to Active Learning: An overview of the pedagogic underpinnings of active learning.
  • Activity Design: A guide through the process of designing an activity to match a learning objective.
  • Resource Round Robin: Demos and mini-information sessions on the technology, spaces, and people who can help you use active learning.
  • Active Learning Veterans Discussion: A conversation with Rutgers faculty who have experience implementing active learning.