The Transition to the Digital Age

The electronics industry is currently in the midst of a transition from analog to digital, often referred to as the “analog sunset.” To stay ahead of this transition, DCS is working to update Rutgers classrooms to meet the new requirements of the “all digital age.” The biggest impact that this change has on faculty is in the way that personal devices – especially laptops - connect to classroom projectors. PCs have typically utilized a VGA port to connect to projectors. However, as part of the transition to digital, most PC manufacturers have announced that they will stop equipping PCs with VGA ports beginning in 2013.

All DCS rooms with data projectors have VGA cables. Although new laptops will not have standard VGA ports, there is not yet one new standard display connection to replace VGA. Accordingly, DCS will continue to provide VGA connections in its classrooms. Faculty whose laptops do not have VGA ports, can connect to the projectors in these rooms  by purchasing a VGA adapter.

DCS is also equipping rooms with HDMI connections, which several brands of laptops use to connect to displays. HDMI connections output a higher quality digital image. HDMI cables also carry audio as well as video, meaning that you do not have to plug a separate cable in to your device to transmit sound. As of the fall of 2012, all new DCS systems will include a HDMI port, in addition to a VGA port. To see if your classroom has a HDMI port, search for your room and check the "Additional Items" listed on the "Classroom Features" tab.