Take a Spin through Our Classrooms

Are you interested in touring a Rutgers classroom without setting foot on campus? Are you wondering what you can expect from the classroom in which you have been scheduled to teach? With the Classroom 360 Project, Digital Classroom Services has made this wish a reality. DCS has taken 360° panoramic photos of all our classrooms, ensuring that faculty and students can explore their rooms before classes even begin - from front to back. It is part of our goal to help faculty engage with their teaching space and tailor the in-class experience to their room.

Utilizing high-definition digital cameras and panoramic tripod mounts, DCS is capturing every detail of Rutgers classrooms. Two different setups are in use. The "Robot" setup utilizes a Canon G12 digital camera and a Gigapan Epic 100 Robotic Camera Mount. The Epic 100 is based on is the same technology that is currently being used by the Mars rover. With robotic automation, hundreds of photographs can be taken in a single room. These images are then stitched together using digital photography software to create a 360° composite of the entire room. The "Ninja" setup is more manual. A Samsung WB850F digital camera is attached to a "Nodal Ninja," allowing the camera to spin around the nodal point of the lens.

Here at DCS, we jokingly refer to the  two panorama setups as Robot vs. Ninja. That's because the technologies are different. The "Robot" setup is slower, but can produce extremely high-quality panoramic images. The "Ninja" setup is great for photographing smaller spaces. With hundreds of rooms to cover, DCS required a solution that would deliver speed and quality.

The panorama project is a microcosm of the DCS modus operandi. We're passionate about technology. We're constantly looking for ways to use technology in ways that will solve problems and improve life. Our mission is to bring those discoveries into the classroom. By researching, testing, and implementing the latest digital gadgets, we learn about cutting edge technology. This knowledge is then shared with the Rutgers community.

The panoramic photos are part of Digital Classroom Services’ effort to provide detailed room information of each classroom so that visitors to the web site can look up a room’s physical attributes, explore the various technology available, and search for a room that meets all of their needs. To begin exploring, check out the Find a Classroom page.