Sign Up for the 2016 DCS Showcase

Interested in the latest and greatest in classroom technology? Looking for a new tool to enliven your class? Digital Classroom Service's annual Showcase - on May 3rd in Tillett Hall - is a great opportunity to see exciting new tech in action and try it out yourself. Every year, DCS's Instructional Technologists research and test some of the more promising advances in classroom tech. At the Showcase, we share them with Rutgers faculty and invite them partner with DCS to try them in their classes.

This year's showcase will include Kaltura, lecture capture software available for use on Digital Classroom Podiums. Kaltura can be used to create recordings of lectures - including live video, audio, and PowerPoint presentations - that can be shared with students for later viewing. We will also demonstrate Poll Everywhere, a fun web-based response system that can be used to conduct instant polls, team competitions, and brainstorming in large classrooms. We will also throw around our Catchboxes, cushioned cube microphones that can be passed around to students who want to speak in class. Finally, we will demonstrate DCS's latest creation - the Digital Classroom Flip-Top, a seminar-room version of the Digital Classroom Podium that is capable of wireless screen sharing.

A light breakfast will be available beginning at 9:30am followed by an hour presentation of this year's pilot technologies. From 11am-12pm, you can take a closer look at any of the tech that interests you and get more information about using them in your class.

The 2016 DCS Showcase is free and open to all Rutgers faculty and staff.