Chrome: Web Browser on the Go

Today’s educator is increasingly mobile. Whether you need to teach on multiple campuses, access material in a classroom, or attend a conference – it is important to be able to work in multiple places. Rather than having to lug around a laptop, the proliferation of web-based tools makes it easier to work on different devices in different locations. This article focuses on one tool designed to enhance and synchronize your web browsing experience across different devices: Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and intuitive web browser. More so than other web browsers – such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox – Chrome is especially tailored towards users who want the convenience of having the same web browsing experience on the go that they have in their office or home. Chrome uses a Google login which allows you to create a personalized web browser. You can then access it from any device running Chrome. Once logged in, if you bookmark pages on one device, those bookmarks will appear when you open Chrome on another device. And because it has been made widely available – you can install and use Chrome on most laptops, phones, and tablets. Chrome is also installed in the Digital Classroom Podium enabling users to log in and use a familiar browser while teaching classes.

Beyond affording the convenience of synched bookmarks, Chrome also offers several useful apps, extensions, themes, and other preferences that make it easier to do work on the web. Extensions are add-on tools that work within Chrome. Several other popular Google services are also automatically available when using Chrome, such as Google Translate. If you visit a web page printed in a foreign language in Chrome, Google Translate will ask if you would like the page translated to English. Just like bookmarks, these features are all contained within the browser itself and synched to your profile - making them available to you regardless of what device you are using.

To get started, visit Google's Chrome page and press the download button. You can also look for Chrome in your phone or tablet’s app store. Once you have downloaded Chrome, visit the Google Chrome Web Store to sample some apps or extensions.

We recommend the following extensions as great ways to enhance your web browsing:

Note Anywhere

Find something interesting that you want to remember for later? With Note Anywhere, you can scribble notes as you surf.

Google Books

Use Google Books to read just about any book, anywhere. You can also highlight text and make and notes as you go.

Split Screen

Split Screen is a great feature when doing online research. This extension splits your Chrome screen in two so that you can compare sites, bounce back and forth between articles, or watch a video in one window while reviewing text in another.

Incredible Start Page

Incredible Start Page allows you to create a custom start page comprised of the sites you use the most. When you open your browser, the custom start page will allow you to select the page you need.