ALC Boot Camp Recap

The 2017 Active Boot Camp brought together Rutgers faculty to discuss and engage with all things active learning. This second annual event, hosted in the new active learning spaces of the Rutgers Academic Building, gave guests a chance to attend talks, participate in workshops, and network with one another to advance their use of active learning. The highlight of the day was a keynote presentation from Dr. Maryellen Weimer of Penn State University. In her interactive discussion, Dr. Weimer invited guests to think about how, when, and why to use active learning in their teaching. During a round robin session, attendees explored different classroom technology and how it could be used for collaborative works.  Additional sessions focused on the use of active learning in training, course design, student response systems, and the Learning Assistant Program.  Finally, our faculty panel gave guests a chance to learn about the interesting ways Rutgers instructors use active learning.

For a recap of each session and links to relevant sources, visit the 2017 Active Learning Boot Camp page. If you were in attendance, please fill out a brief survey about your experience.