Upward Bound Scholars Visit Yale University

Friday November 6, 2015 UB Scholars visited Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. Yale University, formerly known as Collegiate School at New Haven, is the third oldest university in the country and is a part of the Ivy League Schools. Yale boasts in their academic excellence, accepting only 7.1% of applicants every year. The college visit began with a video made by current Yale students outlining the wonder things students can do while at Yale. While visiting Yale UB students took in the beautiful architecture and history of the academic and residential buildings. UB Students had the opportunity to explore the campus as well as speak with admission and financial aid advisors. UB Students enjoyed the trip, below are what they had to say about Yale University:

This university will be one of the choices on my top five college list. I love the diversity"" - AshleyMae Catibog UBMS 9th Grade

“The minute we approached the school I was like this could be my school” Elvis Kouassi UB 9th Grade