Using iClicker in the Classroom

iClicker is a hardware-based method of polling students, taking attendance, and administering quizzes in class. Student may use their laptop or mobile device or remotes - commonly referred to as "clickers" - to respond to various types of questions. The instructor can share the results in real-time with the class or just save the results to a gradebook. iClicker affords the flexibility of using pre-made questions or posing "on-the-fly" questions.  For information on using iClicker in DCS classrooms, please see the sections below.


Use of the iClicker requires a few pieces of hardware:

  • Clickers or Mobile Devices: Students must purchase a clicker which they will bring to class to respond to questions. Clickers are typically available at Rutgers book stores. Instructor may also elect to allow students to use the iClicker Go phone or tablet app, which they may purchase online.
  • Computer:  iClicker's software is run on a computer and used to run polls, collect responses, and more. Typically, the computer that runs iClicker is also used to show PowerPoint or other in-class presentations.
  • iClicker base:  The iClicker base is a small box that is plugged into the computer. The base acts a receiver which collects all the responses from the clickers and sends them to the computer.
  • USB flash drive:  A flash drive can be used to carry all the iClicker files needed to poll, prepare, and view responses. It may be plugged directly into a base or into a computer connected to a base. If you bring your own laptop to class, you can just save the files to your computer instead of using a USB drive.
  • Instructor remotes:  Instructor remotes can be used to start and stop polls as well as advance PowerPoint slides. Without a remote, you can still use the computer to run polls. Instructor remotes are free any can be requested directly from iClicker.

Using an iClicker base with DCS Equipment

If you are in a classroom with a Digital Classroom System, you may use the podium's Mac computer to run polls. You can bring the iClicker software and a base to class on a USB flash drive and plug them into the podium so that you can access class rosters and pre-made questions, while saving results to the flash drive for future access. If you plan on working with iClicker outside class on a Mac, you can use the Mac version of the iClicker software. If you would like to work on iClicker outside of class using a PC, you may do so by creating a new iClicker folder according to the instructions below.  You can find information on how to get a base at iClicker's official page.


iClicker software is available for free via iClicker web site. The software is used before class to create questions and edit class rosters. During class, the software is used to poll students and collect responses. After class, it may be used to view and analyze responses.

iClicker software is available for Macs and Windows machines. If you are using iClicker on a DCP, you will want to download the Mac version. If you plan on using iClicker on a DCP but would like to also use it outside of a class on a PC, you will need to create a hybrid version by following these steps:

  • Download the Mac version.
  • Download the PC version.
  • Open the folder containing the Mac version and copy
  • Open the folder containing the PC version and paste into the folder. The PC version can now be used outside of class on a PC and in class on the DCP's Mac computer. You no longer need to the Mac version and may delete it.

Getting Help

  • The Teaching & Learning with Technology Team supports and provides training for instructors using iClicker. Please contact them if you are interested in learning more about using the iClicker software. TLT can also help you integrate iClicker into your class's Sakai page
  • iClicker's official page has several resources for instructors, including instructions and free downloads. iClicker also offers a check list of all the steps required of students and faculty using iClicker.