Connecting Laptops to RUWired in Classrooms

RUWired logoMost DCS classrooms include RUWired ports that instructors can use to get on the web using laptops. RUWired ports are provided to instructors because they provide a faster, more reliable connection than RUWireless, which is intended for use by multiple users, often in multiple spaces. In Digital Classroom Podiums, RUWired ports are on the podium backsplash. In other rooms, ports are either in the system or on the wall near the system. To see if your classroom offers RUWired and, if so, where the port is located - search our database for your classroom and view the "Features" tab. Beginning in October of 2015, the Office of Information Technology upgraded RUWired. As a result, users must first install RUWireless Secure on their laptops to use these ports. To install RUWireless Secure and then configure your laptop to use RUWired, please follow the steps below.

If you have not already done so, you will need to install RUWireless Secure on your laptop:

  • Connect your laptop to the Rutgers network. You may do this by connecting to RUWireless or by connecting to a different wired Rutgers port.
  • Visit the RUWireless Secure page and follow the instructions provided to install RUWireless Secure.
  • During the installation process, you will be asked to input your Rutgers NetID and Password. If you elect to have this info saved, you will not need to log in again when using RUWired in the classroom.

In your classroom:


As always, contact DCS with any questions about using Internet in our classrooms. For questions specifically relating to RUWired and RUWireless, you may also contact the OIT Help Desk.