Request Equipment v2

Digital Classroom Services provides various types of instructional technology for use in its classrooms that may be requested using the Equipment Request Form. Before filling out a request form, please read the below sections, to ensure that your request may be fulfilled.

Permanently-Installed Technology

Almost all DCS classrooms are equipped with integrated presentation systems that enables users to use various pieces of technology. These systems are unlocked according to the class schedule. As a result, if you need to use a system for a regularly-occurring class meeting, you need not notify us. However, if you need to use the equipment for non-class use, class-use that is not regularly occurring (such as room changes or review sessions), or regular class meetings that occur before or after the standard undergraduate semester, please request access by filling out a form

Portable Equipment

DCS supplies various pieces of portable equipment for use in DCS rooms for classes, exams, and review sessions.  Click on "Equipment Available" below for a list of items we offer.  DCS will deliver equipment for up to four meetings of a course per semester. If you need a piece of equipment for more than four course meetings, please request a semester loan. Please submit one form per course. 

Additional Microphones

Larger DCS rooms are typically equipped with a wireless and hand-held microphone. DCS can provide additional microphones by request for sessions that include panel discussions and audience Q&A. Complete an Equipment Request Form to let us know about your needs and we will respond with a recommended microphone solution.

Before Filling Out a Form

To ensure your request can be met, please do the following before filling out a form:

  • Confirm that your room is supported by DCS by searching for it on the Find a Classroom and Other Leraning Spaces pages. If your room is not listed, it is not supported by DCS. Information for support in several non-DCS rooms is available on the Non-DCS Classrooms page.
  • If your request is course-related, make sure you have your course number.  It is required to complete a request for portable equipment.
  • If you are requesting technology for non-class use, make sure you have booked the room with Scheduling & Space Management.  A facility permit number will be required to process your request.  
  • If you need to a use equipment within 48 hours, call the DCS Help Desk to place your request.
  • Please note that making a request does not guarantee your request will be fulfilled.  We will respond with our ability to meet your request based on equipment and staff availability. Generally, the earlier your request is made, the more likely we will be to fulfill it.”

Additional Relevant Information

  • If you would like our support staff to meet you in advance or at the start of your class or event, fill out a Request Assistance Form.
  • Visit the Video Conference page if you would like to utilize video conferencing, streaming, or recording.