Training Center Request Form

The DCS Training Center, located in Tillett Hall Room 118, is available for periodic use by Rutgers faculty and staff that require a technology-enhanced space. Before proceeding to the below request form, please review the Training Center guidelines.

Guidelines for the Use of the DCS Training Center

  • This room's primary purpose is for DCS events, testing, and research and development. There may be occasions when we will need to cancel your room reservation. In such instances, we will make every reasonable effort to notify you as early as possible and to help you identify another suitable space.

  • Only Rutgers faculty and staff may request use of the room. The requestor will be responsible for the use of the room if requesting for students.

  • The room is available for use that requires Training Center technology. If you do not require the technology available in the room, please contact Scheduling & Space Management to identify other spaces.
  • The room is only available for occasional use. Regularly occurring events should contact Scheduling & Space Management for assistance.
  • The Training Center is only available during the following hours:
    • While fall, spring, and summer classes are in session:
      • Monday - Thursday: 9am to 9pm
      • Friday:  9am to 5pm
    • When fall, spring, and summer classes are not in session:
      • Monday -  Friday:  9am to 5pm
  • No food or drink is permitted.
  • Users of the room are responsible for returning the room to the state they found it, including returning furniture to their original place and cleaning up trash.
  • No more than sixteen people may use the room at a time.
  • Please contact DCS if you need to cancel a booking or will be more than 20 minutes late.

Request Form

Please fill out a request form to use the DCS Training Center.