February 2017

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Introducing Synchronous Lecture Halls

Loree 024

Students signing up for ten spring courses were able to choose between attending the same class on either Busch or Cook/Douglass. That is because Rutgers-New Brunswick has introduced its first Synchronous Lecture Halls, rooms designed to allow an instructor to hold a course with students in two different rooms at the same time. Loree Hall Room 024 and Wright Lab Auditorium have been renovated and revamped with cameras, microphones, and projection systems that enable students and faculty on different campuses to see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. These new rooms will allow Rutgers-NB to bring learning to students instead of requiring them to travel between campuses. Read more...

Three More Digital Classrooms

Over winter break, we continued our progress towards aligning all Rutgers-NB general-purpose rooms along one standard classroom system. On Busch, the old technology in Allison Road Classroom 105 and 107 was replaced with new Digital Classroom Podiums. Foran Hall 191B on Cook/Douglass is now equipped with a Digital Classroom Flip-Top, the small-room version of the podium. As a result, 215 of our 276 classrooms now have some version of the podium, with more to come. Read more...

Fall Tech Point Winners

Loree 024

Join us in celebrating our top Support Specialists for the fall semester. These DCS employees went above and beyond in testing and prepping classroom technology and assisting faculty: Vivian Chen, Isaac Chang, Najum Junaid, Roger Sheng, Patrick Lundell, Faithe Gerol, Lynne Richman, Jack Deming, Andrew Lee, and Jaimee Tiu. Encourage your students to join our team on our Support Specialist page.

Upcoming Events

Between this semester's DCS Workshops and the regular monthly meetings of the Active Learning Community, there are many opportunities to continue developing your teaching. Don't forget to save-the-date for the DCS Showcase and the Active Learning Community Boot Camp.

Click on an event for more information and to register.

Student Engagement with Poll Everywhere

Wednesday February 15, 10-11am in Tilett Hall Room 118

Poll Everywhere is a response system that enables students to take polls, ask questions, provide feedback, and more using their mobile devices. In this workshop, Digital Classroom Services will provide an introduction, discuss potential in-class uses, and walk you through the steps of creating and giving polls

ALC Workshop: Preparing Students for Group Work

Wednesday February 15, 1-2:30pm in Rutgers Acadecmic Building Room 4450

Getting the most out of in-class group work requires more than just designing the perfect activity. Students need to understand their roles, rules, and expectations. Taking class time to prepare students for group work can help ensure that students work productively, achieve your desired learning outcomes, and learn how to work in teams. In this workshop, we will brainstorm different methods of preparing students for group work.

ALC Workshop: Interactive Lecture Strategies

Tuesday March 21, 1:30-3pm in Tillett Hall Room 204

Large courses in lecture halls are perhaps the most in need of and most difficult in which to utilize active learning practices. However, all is not lost. There are many different ways that faculty can interject opportunities for students to test their knowledge, get feedback, and work collaboratively.We invite faculty to share their ideas for accomplishing active learning in large classes and spaces that are not necessarily designed with this type of learning in mind.

Creative Media in the Classroom

Friday March 31, 1-2pm in Tillett Hall Room 118

Video, images, web content, and audio are all great ways to enrich classroom presentations. However, having to close and open programs to access media can take away from valuable classroom time and interrupt the flow of the discussion. This workshop focuses on how to best identify and incorporate relevant media. DCS staff will review how to embed multi-media into presentations and technical tips for how to quickly switch between presentations and other media.

ALC Workshop: Assessment

Thursday April 13, 10-11:30am in Science & Engineering Resource Center 204

How do you give an exam when students sit in groups? How do you grade students when they submit work as part of a team? How can assess students individually when they have been asked to work learn and work collaboratively throughout the semester? Active learning can require a rethink of many of the ways students are typically graded. In this workshop we invite you to discuss and share ways of grading students in courses that use active learning.

DCS Showcase

Wednesday May 3 in Loree Hall Room 024 & Wright Lab Auditorium

Save-the-date for our 3rd annual showcase, an opportunity for you to see the new Synchronous Lecture Halls in action and learn about other new technology DCS is piloting. More info to come soon.

Active Learning Boot Camp

Tuesday May 15 in Rutgers Academic Building

Save-the-date for an entire day devoted to active learning at Rutgers. Hear about the state of active learning from our keynote speaker, learn about how other Rutgers faculty are using active learning in their courses, and check out the newst spaces and technology available for you to use in your classes. We are busy planning the day, stay tuned for more details as they become available.

DCS Technology Training

Friday May 26, 1-2pm in Tillett Hall Room 118

As you get your syllabus and materials together for upcoming classes, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the technology you will be using during the semester. To best afford faculty the opportunity to learn about and test their classroom’s technology, DCS holds workshops during the weeks before and after classes begin. These workshops are held near classrooms that have one of the four main types of DCS technology you may find in your classroom: the Digital Classroom Podium, Digital Classroom Flip-Top, Collaborative Instructor Hub, Crestron Touchscreen System, SP Push Button System, and Pixie Push Button System. If you are teaching in one of these rooms, attend a workshop and have a chance to learn how to use our equipment. We also encourage faculty to bring any media – such as laptops, presentation, DVDs, or documents – that you would like to test with the equipment.

Intro to Macs

Friday May 26, 2:30-3:30pm in Tilett Hall Room 118

This workshop is tailored towards instructors using a Digital Classroom System and anyone who would like to learn the basics of using a Mac. We will introduce you to the basics of Mac's operating system, including the dock, desktop, and finder. We will also discuss how to use popular applications that you may have used in Windows but not on Macs, such as Word, and PowerPoint. Finally, we will show you different ways you can access your presentation material via a USB drive or over the web. We will provide you with a Mac laptop so that you can follow along and try out your new skills.