February 2016

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Happy February from DCS! As the Spring semester kicks into gear, we want to share the latest news in classroom technology at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Nine Rooms Upgraded Over Winter Break

Allison Road Classroom 204DCS's Technical Services crew has outfitted nine more classrooms with Digital Classroom Podiums (DCPs). Allison Road Classrooms 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, as well as School of Communication & Information 101, 103, 201, and 203 now have new podiums. With these installs, 149 of DCS's 257 rooms are now standardized to the DCP. To learn more about each room, click on the room links above. For more information about the Digital Classroom Podium, including instructional videos, visit our DCP page.

Active Learning Community News

Concept drawing of active learning classroom

There is much to report on the active learning front. Back in October, faculty joined us for an Open House - our first formal event created to get together members of the Rutgers community interested in active learning. That discussion and subsequent gatherings has helped jump start the design of new general-purpose active learning rooms in Tillett Hall, the Rutgers Academic Building, and elsewhere. For a preview, view our Tillett Hall 204 flythrough. The next big event will be the Active Learning Boot Camp on May 17th, a day of presentations, workshops, and open discussions intended to give faculty everything they need to jump start the development of active learning in their classrooms. Catch up on active learning community news, request a new active learning classroom, and get involved on the Active Learning Community page.

Celebrating Our Student Workers

Allison Road Classroom 204Join us in congratulating our Fall Semester Tech Point winners. These DCS student employees go above and beyond to help keep your classroom technology running smoothly. Our Fall winners are: Jeff Wong (1st place Busch), Vivian Chen (2nd place Busch), Asher Malech (1st place College Ave.), Roger Sheng (2nd place College Ave.), Sudarshan Kolar (1st place Cook/Douglass), Jake Goldfarb (2nd place Cook/Douglass), Vesna Miletic (1st place Help Desk), Jack Deming (2nd place Help Desk), Jaimee Tiu (1st place Livingston), and Zach Wong (2nd place Livingston).

Upcoming Events

We are bringing you eight of our more popular workshops this spring. Click on a date for more information and to register. In addition to our usual series of spring workshops, we also have two important save-the-dates for May: the 3rd annual DCS Showcase and the Active Learning Boot Camp.

All About Web Apps: Productivity
Friday February 12 at 1pm

In this web apps workshop, we will highlight tools available on the web that can be used to help teach your class, create presentations, organize notes, and more.

Taking the Pulse of Your Class: Online Polling
Wednesday March 9 at 10am

In this showcase workshop, we demonstrate ways that you can poll your students and receive instant feedback during class, including Poll Everywhere and Socrative. The applications we discuss are web-based solutions for posing discussion topics, giving quizzes, and receiving questions in real time from your students through their phones, laptops, or tablets. We will focus on polling solutions that are quick, free, easy to use, and require no additional hardware aside from the mobile devices many faculty and students already use. Bring along your phone, laptop, or tablet and you can test out the polling applications during the workshop.

Beyond PowerPoint
Friday April 1 at 1pm

Are you interested in using a computer-based presentation to enhance your class, but don't know where to begin? Are you a PowerPoint user looking for alternatives? Over the course of a half-hour, we will introduce some of the most commonly-used presentation options, including Prezi, Keynote, SlideShark, and Adobe. We feature presentation applications that require software purchases as well as free online options. The workshop also demonstrates the various ways these presentation tools can be utilized in DCS classrooms.

Getting Started with Keynote
Friday April 29 at 1pm

Now that Keynote is available for use in DCS rooms, attend this introductory session so you can try it out for yourself. Many users find Keynote to be an intuitive and easy way to create and present slides in class. Our Instructional Technologists will cover how to begin making a presentation, how to import or Export slides from PowerPoint and other sources, and ways to use iCloud to access presentations anywhere.

3rd Annual DCS Showcase
Tuesday May 3

Mark May 3rd on your calendar as a great day to learn about the latest and greatest in classroom technology. At the DCS showcase, we will demonstrate some of the exciting ways that faculty have been enhancing their classes with technology and invite you to pilot some of the new tools we have been developing. Stay tuned for more details as the date gets closer. In the meantime, learn more about the pilot technologies we introduced at last year's showcase.

Active Learning Boot Camp
Tuesday May 17

May 17 will be a day devoted to active learning, with talks, presentations, training, and discussions designed for Rutgers faculty. Our goal will be to connect you with the information, people, and resources needed to help you success in making active learning a part of your course. We will continue to update members of the active learning community with details about this events as it nears.

DCS Technology Training
Friday May 27 at 9am
Wednesday June 1 at 9am

As you get your syllabus and materials together for upcoming classes, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the technology you will be using during the semester. To best afford faculty the opportunity to learn about and test their classroom’s technology, DCS holds workshops during the weeks before and after classes begin. These workshops are held near classrooms that have one of the four main types of DCS technology you may find in your classroom: the Digital Classroom Podium, Crestron Touchscreen System, SP Push Button System, and Pixie Push Button System. If you are teaching in one of these rooms, attend a workshop and have a chance to learn how to use our equipment. We also encourage faculty to bring any media – such as laptops, presentation, DVDs, or documents – that you would like to test with the equipment.

Intro to Macs
Friday May 27 at 10am
Wednesday June 1 at 10am

This workshop is tailored towards instructors using the Digital Classroom Podium and anyone who would like to learn the basics of using a Mac. We will introduce you to the basics of Mac's operating system, including the dock, desktop, and finder. We will also discuss how to use popular applications that you may have used in Windows but not on Macs, such as Word, and PowerPoint. Finally, we will show you different ways you can access your presentation material via a USB drive or over the web. We will provide you with a Mac laptop so that you can follow along and try out your new skills.

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