Instructional Technology Supervisors

Patrick Auletto HeadshotPatrick Auletto, Instructional Technology Supervisor, works with the faculty on Livingston campus, providing onsite training and support. Patrick has a diverse technical background ranging from graphic design, IT-technical support, and teaching in higher education. He received a double minor in Advertising Design along with a B.F.A from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Over the past decade Patrick has provided user support at the university level as well as in the fast paced printing industry. His vector illustration work has been showcased in many national and international publications. Patrick’s enthusiasm for new media and the marriage between content and new devices motivates him to continue working in this field. He brings that same level of passion and knowledge to Rutgers, where he holds workshops on how to build visually appealing presentations and creates much of the graphic content on the DCS web site.

Dan Bello HeadshotDan Bello, Instructional Technology Supervisor, oversees the use of DCS technology on Cook/Douglass campus. Dan works closely with faculty to effectively facilitate education through the seamless use of classroom technologies. Prior to joining the Rutgers DCS team, Dan operated his own business producing and directing corporate presentations. He possesses many years of expertise in both audio/visual  technical support as well as in media production. As a result, in addition to being an expert on the presentation of content, Dan is also proficient in creating content - including video, PowerPoint, and web sites. He has been behind the camera for DCS's instructional videos and at the front of the room, leading workshops on using various presentation applications. Dan is very excited to be part of the DCS team, helping to introduce the latest in instructional technologies to Rutgers faculty.  

Wilson Contreras HeadshotWilson Contreras, Instructional Technology Supervisor, oversees training and pedagogical outreach for faculty on Busch campus. In this role he provides in-person support to instructors and leads training sessions for faculty. Wilson also bares primary responsibility for overseeing the daily operation of classroom equipment on his campus. Wilson brings to Rutgers a background in corporate Information Technology. He has over eleven years of experience in the technology industry, working up front with users and behind the scenes. Wilson has worked on application development, functional design, and testing. He also has experience in computer support, network support, training, and implementing web based IT solutions. Wilson leads workshops focused on mobile and web-based instructional tools and has created several online tutorials on the DCS web site.

James Kizhnerman HeadshotJames Kizhnerman, Instructional Technology Supervisor, is responsible for DCS’s College Avenue classrooms. He has been an educator, technology specialist, and educational technologist since graduating from Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Secondary Education. James began his educational career teaching computer technology courses to high school students. In May 2010, James completed an advanced degree program at Ramapo College with a Master’s of Science in Educational Technology. His extensive curricular background in educational technology has enabled him to help teachers find appropriate, effective tools for integrating technology and multimedia devices to meet the diverse needs of their students. James brings a high level of technological and collaboration skills to Rutgers, helping faculty apply instructional technologies in the classroom and providing administrative support of existing technology systems in the classrooms. His passion for technology and pedagogy is evident in his workshops and Classroom Technology blog entries that focus on emerging trends in higher education.