2017 DCS Showcase

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 9:30am to 11:00am
Event Location: 
Wright Lab Auditorium (Busch) & Loree Hall Room 024 (Cook/Douglass)
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The DCS Showcase is your opportunity to see the cutting edge classroom technology available at Rutgers-New Brunswick in action. Every year, DCS introduces and demonstrates new teaching tools, discusses how they could be used in the classroom, and invites faculty to join us in piloting them in their classes so we can learn more about their pedagogic value. While we will provide updates on last year's pilots - including Kaltura lecture capture, the CatchBox throwable microphone, and Solstice wireless display sharing - rather than demonstrating various tools this year, we invite you to experience our two newest learning spaces, the Synchronous Lecture Halls.

Launched in January, the Synchronous Lecture Halls enable faculty to simultaneously teach a course in two classrooms on different campuses. Multiple cameras and microphones allow the people in both rooms to see, hear, and interact with one another. The experience is designed to be truly immersive, with a life-size image of the professor projected in the remote room and sightlines that simulate the experience of making eye contact while speaking to one another. These rooms offer the potential to not only enable students to attend class without having to travel, but provide a framework by which Rutgers-New Brunswick can connect with classes in Newark, Camden, Big Ten institutions, and beyond.

At the Showcase, you can not only learn about the project's launch but experience what it is like to be a student in these rooms. Take your pick and join us in either Wright Labs Auditorium on Busch or Loree Hall 024 on Cook/Douglass.  We will be live in both classrooms!

A light breakfast will be provided in both locations beginning at 9:30am.  At 10am, we'll begin our presentations, after which guests are invited to stick around and learn more about any of the technology that is of interest. 

The 2017 DCS Showcase is free and open to all Rutgers faculty and staff. If you would like to attend please visit our registration page to sign up before April 26 .