Wanted: Innovative Instructors

Are you or one of your colleagues using DCS technology in a new or interesting way? Do you have some tricks or tips you would like to share with Rutgers faculty? We are looking for participants in our first Faculty Showcase lunch this spring, where we invite instructors to share some of the ways they use in-class technology to engage their students.

While we hold weekly workshops to expose faculty to emerging trends in instructional technology, sometimes the best way to learn about new teaching tools is to hear about it directly from instructors who are using them regularly in their classrooms. Whether it is a unique way of presenting class material, a new technique for soliciting class participation, or a way to engage students outside the classroom - we invite you to join us for an informal lunch session where you can demonstrate what you are doing to your colleagues. If you are interested in participating, please contact us. We are eager to hear what you are up to.