Twenty-Five Classrooms Upgraded

During the summer, Digital Classroom Services installed new classroom systems in twenty-five classrooms. Learning spaces on each of the New Brusnwick campuses were outfitted with Digital Classroom Systems, our new, classroom standard. This round of installations saw many of the University's largest and most frequently used auditoriums receive improvements. Digital Classroom Podium A1s - DCS's large room standard - were installed in these nine rooms. On the other end of the classroom spectrum, DCS installed eleven Digital Classroom Flip-Tops in seminar rooms and other small spaces. Finally, four additional classroom were upgraded with Digital Classroom Podiums. 

Following this burst of installations, 98 percent of Rutgers-NB's general-purpose classrooms are now equipped with data projector, while 87 percent have a Digital Classroom System. Below are this summer's upgrades. 

Allison Road Classrooms: 212, 333
Beck Hall: 003, 011, 013, 101, 111, 119, 121
Computing Research and Education Building: 101
Engineering: B120
Lucy Stone Hall: AUD, B116
Hickman Hall: 101, 138
Milledoller: 100
Murray Hall: 207, 301
Thompson Hall: 201
Tillett Hall: 123
Van Dyck Hall: 211
Voorhees Hall: 105
Zimmerli Art Museum: EDR, MPR