Summer Workshops are Here

The summer can be a great chance to take a break from your regular routine and explore new ways you can use classroom technology to broaden your approach to teaching. We are offering some of our more popular workshops, including sessions on using media in presentations and video chatting. Based on interest from faculty, we are also introducing new workshops on ways to annotate over presentations and free web tools that can be used to encourage brainstorming, collaboration, and more. Finally, as we head into the Fall, attend our technology training and Mac overview sessions to learn how to use your classroom's technology for the coming semester. For more information on each session and to register, click on a workshop below.

  • Creative Media in the Classroom - Wednesday June 17 at 10am
  • Video Chat in the Classroom - Friday July 17 at 10am
  • Annotation Tools - Wednesday July 29 at 1pm
  • All About Web Apps - Friday August 14 at 10am
  • DCS Technology Training - Friday August 28 at 9am
  • Intro to Macs - Friday August 28 at 10:30am
  • Intro to Macs - Friday September 4 at 1pm
  • DCS Technology Training - Friday September 4 at 2:15pm