New Wireless Devices Available

At our 2nd Annual DCS Showcase, we demonstrated new wireless devices that can be used by instructors to control presentations without having to stand behind the podium. Our Instructional Technologists selected equipment that can be used to control a computer's cursor, annotate, and advance slides wirelessly. We are now inviting faculty to pilot these devices over the next year to help us determine their value to Rutgers courses. Each item listed below is available to be delivered to your class for up to four course meetings or to borrow for an entire semester. To request equipment for your class, fill out an Equipment Request Form.

  • Air Mouse: The Gyration Air Mouse Elite allows you to navigate the Digital Classroom Podium's computer or a personal laptop. This mouse allows you to control the cursor by using the mouse on a surface or by holding it in your hand and pointing at the projection screen, allowing for more fluid and dynamic control. With the Gyration Air mouse, you can also left click, right click, scroll, and advance slides. The mouse connects via a USB receiver and is Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Hand-held Trackball Mouse: This wireless mouse can be used to navigate the Digital Classroom Podium's computer or a personal laptop. The hand-held mouse utilizes a trackball that enables you to hold the mouse in one hand while using your thumb to move the cursor with a trackball, scroll pages up and down using a wheel, and right or left click. The mouse connects by plugging a small USB receiver into either a Mac or PC computer. No additional software is required.
  • Wacom Bamboo Pad: This pad comes with a stylus that can be used to as a mouse and to write and annotate over images on the Digital Classroom Podium or personal laptops. The Wacom Bamboo Pad is designed to provide a detailed image when used in conjunction with notation software. It also serves as a touchpad, enabling you to use hand gestures, such as swiping, scrolling, and zooming. The pad connects via a USB receiver and is compatible with Windows and Mac machines.
  • Wireless Pen Mouse: The Genius Wireless Pen Mouse allows you to control the cursor on the Digital Classroom Podium's computer or on a personal laptop by "writing" on any surface. In addition to functioning as a mouse, the wireless pen can be used with annotation software to notate over computer images. The Wireless Pen also has buttons for controlling slide presentations. The Pen is Windows compatible and may require a software download on some computers.