More How-To Videos Now Online

While the Digital Classroom Podium has evolved as we incorporate feedback from our users, we have been working to update and expand our how-to videos to reflect these changes and demonstrate more ways that the podiums can be used.  We have updated five of our DCP videos to reflect recent changes to the user interface and our new Blu-ray drives. We have also included two new videos. The first covers how use the Digital Classroom Podium's various microphones. The second, "Using Advanced Features," includes instruction on how to use several projector features, such as displaying different images in multiple screen rooms, freezing projected images while you navigate to new material, and blanking projectors so that you can use the blackboard. Check out all of our DCP How-To Videos visiting our Digital Classroom Podium page. These videos - each just a few minutes long - are designed to give you a quick understanding of how to use your classroom's equipment so that on the first day of class, you can focus on teaching, rather then figuring out how to operate the podium. For all of our online how-to materials visit the Videos, Tutorials, and Instructions page. For hands on instruction, consider attending one of our DCS System Training workshops.