Looking for a Class? Check the Map!

Having trouble finding a classroom? Check the new DCS classroom map. We know that choosing a classroom for your course or event can be very dependent on where it is located. And once you have booked a room, campus maps can only get you to the building's front door. At the suggestion of visitors to our web site, we have added a new classroom map that allows you to see each DCS classroom' s location on campus. Now you have one more way to check DCS rooms without having to leave your desk.

There are two ways to use the new DCS maps. You can view all of our classrooms on a map of Rutgers-New Brunswick by visiting our Find a Classroom page. Within the map, move between the New Brunswick campuses. Once you zoom in on a building, you will see dots indicating the location of classrooms. Click on a dot to select a room and navigate to that classroom's web page.

If you already have a classroom in mind, you can go directly to that classroom's page by using our search on the DCS home page or on the Find a Classroom page. On the classroom page, simply select the "Maps" tab to see that classroom's location on campus.

We are continuously working on ways to make the DCS Web Page a more helpful tool for the Rutgers community. If you have any suggestions for improving the classroom maps or anything else on dcs.rutgers.edu, let us know.