Join DCS Pilots Today

DCS Pilots LogoDCS is launching a new program to help pair exciting new technologies with faculty who want to try them in their class. Throughout the year, our Instructional Technology Supervisors research and try out the most promising, emerging tools in higher education. Through DCS Pilots, we are inviting faculty to partner with us to learn about the viability of these tools for Rutgers classrooms. We will meet to discuss whether one of our pilot technologies is right for you, develop a plan to incorporate into your class, and help you use it during the semester. If a pilot is successful, it will become a regular service offered by DCS. If faculty find that a piece of technology is either not reliable or not relevant to their classes, it goes to the scrap heap. Meanwhile, our staff will continue to stay abreast of new technologies that we can pilot in the future with our faculty.

This year's four pilots were unveiled at our 2nd Annual Faculty Showcase. With video conferencing, faculty can bring in remote guest lecturers, teach from off-campus, or allow students to join class online. By using wireless presentation technology, faculty and students can send images to in-class screens without having to connect via cables. Chrome Remote Desktop allows faculty to operate their Digital Classroom System from their own personal device. Through our final pilot, Nearpod, instructors can send presentations to students and conduct instant polls.

Faculty are already piloting these technologies in Rutgers rooms today. To learn more and sign up, visit our new DCS Pilots page.