iWorks Available on DCPs and DCFs

Mac users, rejoice! The iWorks suite is now installed on all Digital Classroom Podiums and Flip-Tops. iWorks includes three popular applications. Keynote is the Apple version of PowerPoint, used to create and give slide-based presentations. Numbers is a spreadsheet program, similar to Microsoft's Excel. Finally, Pages is a word-processing document. These applications may be accessed in the blue applications folder located in the dock on Digital Classroom Systems. The programs will automatically open if you select a Keybote, Numbers, or Pages file from your USB drive or an online location.

For a full list of software available offered in Digital Classroom System rooms, read the DCP and DCF software lists. To learn more about using Keynote, consider attending a Getting Started with Keynote workshop. To see if your classroom has a DC System or to search for a room that does, use our classroom search.