Introducing the "Flip"

We are very pleased to introduce the Digital Classroom Flip-Top, also known as the "DCF" or "Flip." The Flip is a spin off of our standard classroom podium - the Digital Classroom Podium - designed for use in small classrooms and seminar rooms. Beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, the Flip is being installed in more intimate learning spaces that are too small for podiums and where students and instructors gather around a large table. The Digital Classroom Flip-Top is built into the instructor table so that classes can maintain the feel of a group discussion while materials are presented. When not needed, the touchscreen monitor flips down and the keyboard tray tucks under the table.

Instructors using the Flip will notice many similarities to using the Digital Classroom Podium. We designed the Flip so that users of our podium would have very little trouble using the Flip for the first time. The Digital Classroom Flip-Top uses the same touchscreen, keyboard, and mouse. Similarly, the Flip is operated using our standard Classroom Controller interface. Also like our podiums, the Flip includes a built in Mac computer along with HDMI and VGA connections for personal portable devices. New to DCS classrooms, the Flip also includes wireless display technology that enables instructors and students to share images from their laptops, phones, and tablets on the wall monitor without having to connect via cables. This ability for anyone in the room to quickly present offers exciting potential for group discussions and collaborations.

The Digital Classroom Flip-Top has been installed in seven classrooms: the new seminar rooms in the Honors College and Hickman Hall 206. For more information, including photos and instructions, visit our DCF page.